At Brake Worx Durban we provide the following services:


  • Full brake inspection
  • On-car disc skimming, also for 4x4’s to alleviate brake shudder
  • Seal kits for callipers and cylinders
  • Replace brake wheel cylinders
  • Skim drums
  • Skim flywheels
  • New brake pipes bent and brake hoses made to fit
  • Replace brake linings
  • Brake shoes re-machined to fit the brake drum
  • Fitiing of performance discs and pads, braided stainless steel hoses. Hydraulic systems bled with endless high performance brake fluid.
  • Free brake fluid test
  • Brake fluid flushed and system rebled.
  • Overhaul callipers
  • Replace rusted and seized brake cables.


  • Rim / mag repair
  • Rim/ mag re-weld
  • Rim/ mag straighten
  • Rim/ magre-weld
  • Rim/ mag repaint
  • Rim/ mag lip refinish

Car Air con

  • Service
  • Regas
  • Check for leaks