Welcome To Brake Worx

At Brake Worx Durban we can supply and fit brake pads and shoes to any make of vehicle. With our expertise you are assured of a safe journey.
Services provided by Brake Worx Durban –

  • Brakes
  • Aircon
  • Rim repair


We pride ourselves on having specialized equipment because your safe journey is in our hands:

  • We check that your brake pads and brake shoes are in good condition
  • We calculate the moisture content in your brake fluid using a special brake fluid tester. We flush and re-bleed the system if necessary. This is particularly important in Durban because as brake fluid is hygroscopic and attracts moisture.
  • We make sure that the brake disc is not grooved or uneven so that the new brake pad can bed in properly and this extends the brake pad’s life.
  • We have specialized equipment to grind brake shoes to the exact radius of the drum. This is important because you need complete surface contact area between the shoe and the drum.
  • We have specialized brake equipment in house and expert fitters trained specifically in brakes who will check your entire brake system.
  • We check for corrosion in the steel brake pipes and check the integrity of the rubber hoses and have specialised equipment to fix brake lines.
  • We check brake callipers and strip and recondition them if necessary.
  • We reset, adjust and repair hand brakes.
  • We have a special on car skimming machine, which is particularly useful on 4 x 4’s. Instead of the time consuming job of having to strip the hubs we can bolt the machine directly onto your car and offer a while you wait service if you have brake shudder.